Legends of the World

If you want to learn more about the legend of princess Europe and how the Greek god Zeus fell in love with her, you can click on the picture above (for the German version) or go to Wikipedia (for the English version).


Already in 1994, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the opening of the European Cultural Convention for signature, the Council of Europe launched the Tales and Legends of Europe project. It aimed at highlighting with this collection of popular texts the richness of the common cultural heritage of the greater Europe.


Noemi Lusi (Italy) invited students from all over Europe to write their own versions of a story about Lady Europe, and she also collected legends from various European countries for the Comenius Project "A legend for Europe". If you want to contribute a story, please send it to her via e-mail: noemilusi@gmail.com 


In 2005 Denmark celebrated the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Andersen was one of the greatest authors of fairy tales! Look out for some more European fairy tales and how you can include them in a project!


Die Seite Reime Lieder & Geschichten bietet eine Vielzahl von Geschichten & Märchen. Es lohnt sich, dort einmal vorbei zu schauen. 

Das Colegio Goethe in Argentinien hat eine Vielzahl von Sagen gesammelt, die man nun auf der Projektwebsite nachlesen kann.


Although I have so far collected numerous links to legends worldwide, there are some "white spots" on this website. If you know of a legend, saga or fairy tale which is not listed here, please send me an e-mail.


Two colleagues from Iran are carrying out a project on myths and legends in the course of an iEARN project.


Have you ever heard of the Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary? If not, it is certainly worth a visit.


For excellent definitions of the terms myth, legend and folktale you should go to Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age. Pib Burns also offers a wide range of links to Regional Folklore and Mythology.


Did you know that there is a whole series of Earthquake legends from all over the world? There are also numerous Volcano legends and fox legends.


There are also a number of European Christmas legends and legends related to Santa Claus.


D.L. Ashliman (University of Pittsburgh) collected a wide range of folk tales and legends. You will also like his Sleeping Hero Legends.


My special thanks go to Jean-Pierre Bartholeyns, Spring Teacher from Belgium, who drew my attention to cave legends from all over the world and helped me find resources.


The Artillery Legends were collected by members of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment.


The Baldwin Project lists more than 4000 stories from various genres! Other wonderful sources for legends, stories etc. are Tales of Wonder and Myths and Legends. The Afro-American Almanac is an interesting source for African legends. Countries and their Cultures lists a lot of information about cultures worldwide.


Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm makes us familiar with numerous mythical and legendary creatures. The Mystical World Wide Web includes a whole link site to Myths, Legends and Folklore. The Internet Sacred Text Archive includes hints to various legendary texts and sagas. Dr. La May collected a number of legends from the American continent.


MidLink, the digital student magazine, invites you to share you legend you like with other readers!


Here you can solve a Folktales Quiz!


Now let's travel around Europe and the world and try to find at least one legend per country. Click on the name of the country to open the relevant link. I have found some already, if you find some more, please let me know.



EU member states and candidate countries


St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Kalevala

Romulus and Remus

The legend of Dracula


Finnish mythology

Sagen aus Suedtirol

Sagen aus Rumänien
The King of the Golden RiverWie die skandinavische Halbinsel entstand

Folk Tales from Italy

LindwurmFinnish Gods

Ancient Roman Mythology

Heiligenblut (Hl. Briccius) Finnische Märchen und SagenRoman GodsSerbia

Sagen aus OesterreichDas Mythentor
Sagen und Legenden aus Wien   
Schleierlegende (Klosterneuburg)  
Der Ritter mit dem Schwan The legend of Roland

The first Christmas treeLegends of Bojnice Castle
The Castle of Gerald the DevilSagen aus Frankreich

Latvian mythologyGolden-Curls and How She Kept Silent
Légendes de La Belle Roche

MelusineSlavic and Baltic GodsSlavic and Baltic Gods

Legend of the Fort la Latte

Jurata, the Queen of the BalticSagen und Legenden aus Trentschin
 The White Lady of Puivert 
 La légende de Catus 
La légende de la grotte de Sainte-Suzanne
King Arthur's French Odyssey 
Légendes du JuraLithuania
Contes s Légendes

Saxo Grammaticus' stories on the Balts

Lithuanian mythology
Gipsy legends from Bulgaria

The Tower of Wasserburg ChurchLohengrins Ende in LothringenSagen aus Slowenien
Bulgarian Myth and Folklore

Sagen aus DeutschlandLuxembourg legends

Ritter Erasmus von der Burg Predjama

 Sagen der Brüder Grimm The legend of the origins of Ljubljana

Germanische Goetter- und HeldensagenSlovenian Mythology

FaustNetherlandsEuropean dragons

The Master Builder of the Wuerzburg CathedralSagen aus Holland
Die Sage von Adelheid und Ludwig dem SpringerThe Lady of Stavoren
Sagen aus Querfurt 
Höhlensagen aus Deutschland 
Cryptoneum -Legenden Museum RostockMacedonia
Die Barabrossa-Sage (Barbarossa-Höhle)Alexander the Great
WalpurgisnachtThe legends of the Argaed dynasty
Brunnensagen aus Franken
Sagen entlang der Donau
Sagen aus der märkischen Schweiz
Sagen aus Eschringen
Sagen um Oderberg
Sagen aus KroatienGoetter- und Heldensagen des klassischen Altertums

Maltese legends

The Legend of Monte del Diablo
The legend of St. Christopher

Greek mythology

Legende von der Hl. Barbara

El Cid

Der Ring des PolykratesMaltese Mythology

Leyendas de Santiago
 Creation MythThe enchanted Realm of Calypso

Basque legends
Aesop: The Slave and the LionLegend of Għar Hasan (Cave)

Galician legends
Santorini and the Legend of AtlantisLegend of Saint DimitriLegends of Montserrat
Maltese Folk Traditions and LegendsParalaia
  Tenerife in Legends
  The legend of Rincon de la Victoria
Cyprus - Home of the Ancient Gods

Attila (German and English)St. Jovan Vladimir of Doclea The Giant Finn and Lund's Cathedral
Legend of the Five Finger Mountain

The legend of Elizabeth 1207-1231The Three Sisters Tales from Scandianiva

The legend of the StagMaria von PerastSkandinavische Sagenegstalten

The legend of the Turul HawkLegend of Kotor

Die Legende vom Priesterkönig JohannesLegend of Budva 
Czech RepublicIcelandPolandUnited Kingdom

Sagen aus TschechienLoki and the Master BuilderThe Devil's Church near Dembe

Robin Hood

Libussa (historic background)Edda (Elder Edda and Younger Edda Sagen aus Polen

Die Legenden von König Artus und den Rittern der Tafelrunde

RuebezahlLegend of theYule Cat

Jánošik, the Slavic Robin HoodCamelot the Legend

The Wood Fairy

Who built the Reynir Church?

Polish Fairy Tales and Legends
Arturius - A Quest for Camelot

Reason and Fortune

Islaendische Sagas

Polish Fables and Stories

The legends of the Holy Grail
Pot, cook Der Wawel Drache

The Legend of the Golem

Queen Wanda

Folk Tales from Scotland
Czech legends The Twelve Months

Tales from Scotland
Legende von der Wenzelskrone Welsh Cave Legends
The Loreto legendIreland The Grey Horse and the Widow's Daughters

The legend of St. Patrick The Lancashire Witches

Irish mythologyPortugalTurkey


Irish myths and legends

Galo de Barcelos (The Rooster of Portugal)

Folk Tales from Turkey

Holger DanskeGaelic Myths

Legends around popular Saints

Legende vom Hl. Nikolaus

Esbern Snare and the Kalundborg Church

Tales from Ireland

The legend of the city of the seven hills

Anatolian Mythology

Folk Tales from DenmarkThe Children of Lir


Legendary Heroes of Lycia


Oisin and Niam 

Türkische Mythologie

The KalevipoegThe Prince, the Fox and the Sword of Light 

Sagen aus EstlandCeltic Gods 

Legends of Tallinn

The Selkie 

non-member states

Albanian Legends The Kosovo BattleUeber die Entstehung der ErdeSagen aus der Schweiz
Skanderbeg  Dazhdbog in Russian mythology La grotte et la fontaine des fées de Saint Maurice
    Folk Tales from RussiaMythen und Legenden aus dem Berner Oberland
Slavic Myth and Religion
BelarusMoldovaRussian Folk Tales Ukraine
Legends of VolkovystMoldavian LegendsTales from RussiaPysanka

The Legend about the Neman and the LoshaThe legend of Vadul-lui-Voda

 Tales from Siberia

Ukranian traditional folklore
Legende vom FürstenseeThe legend of Grigore GhicaAbu Muslim
Mir Castle legends  Altaic legends 
The Black Dame of Nezvish  Living Water (A Tofalar Tale) 
Ragneda of Zaslavl The Silken Tassel (An Altay Tale) 


Bosnia-HerzegovinaNorway Serbia

Vlad Dracul in VišegradKing Olaf and the Giant


Maerchen aus Serbien

Maerchen aus Norwegen

Serbian Legends

Folk Tales from Norway  

Norse Gods  

Mini States

AndorraMonacoVatican City (Holy See)

How Andorra was founded

mythical history of MonacoThe Papal Tiara
LiechtensteinSan MarinoPope Joan

Sagen aus Liechtenstein

The legendary founder of San Marino

The legendary war between Sweden and San Marino


Now let's travel around the world for some more legends and folk tales:


North America

United States of AmericaCanadaMexico

Native American Legends

Legends of the First Nations People

Folk Tales from Mexico
Native American Gods

Great Canadian Legends

La Llorona
Native Indian Legends

The Legends of Vancouver

Legends of Guanajuato
Chocktaw Tales and Legends

Legends of Folklore of the Northern Lights

The Legend of the Callejón del Beso
The Legend of Juicy Jack PatrickThe Monster of Lake Champlain

Tales and Legends of Ancient Yucatan
Native American TalesLa légende de "Eau blanche"
le cheval de glace du Mont St-Hilaire

The conquest of Tenochtitlan
The origin of the Iroquois NationsAboriginal Canada Portal: Legends


Indigineous People's Literature

Mexican Mythology

Legends of the Pacific Northwest

The Eagle Clutching the Snake
The Legends of KokopelliRaven and the Man who sits on the Tides
Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby: An Uncle Remus mythAztec Mythology

Coyote and the Stars

Mayan Stories
How the Cherokee got FireAztec Mythology

Hunting the Great Bear

Aztec Gods
Paul Bunyon, the Giant Lumberjack 
Pecos Bill  
Polynesian Mythology in Hawaii

Lela Kiana

Creation Story of the Yokuts 
Raven in Mythology 


Pele, the Fire Goddess

(and other legends from Hawaii)

The Demigod Maui (Hawaii)


Hawaiian Historical Legends



Central America



El Salvador



The Skull of Doom

A Story from the Past

White City Legend (Ciudad Blanca)

The legend of the Panama hat

The Mystery of the Crystal SkullsTypical Characters and LegendsLa Ciguanaba 
  Mayan GodsHow Crab Tricked Rabbit, a Mayan myth  

Costa Rica



Costa Rica legends

Mayan Trouble Dolls

La Mocuana Legend

Legend of La MonaMaya legendsMiskito Legends
Costa Rica MysteriesLeyendas de Guatemala (Miguel Angel Asturias)Museum of Legends and Traditions
  The Rabbit and The Fox  
  Mayan Stories  



Latin America and the Caribbean Islands




Anguilla (UK)

Martinique (France)

Legend of the UmbuYerba Maté - A legend of the Guarani Indians 

Legend of the Cactus   

Diccionario de Mitos y Leyendas   

History and Legends   
BoliviaPeruAntigua and BarbudaMontserrat (UK)
Legend of Lake Titicaca and the Lemurian Solar DiscThe Paccariscas of Peru   

Andean Legends of the inner Earth

Incan Legends of the Great Flood



 The Mythology of Peru  
 Potato History and Legends  
 Wie die Kartoffel in die Welt gekommen ist  



Aruba (Netherlands)

Navassa Island (US)

Myths and fantastic creatures

History and Legends  
Lost Land of the Lizard PeoplePedro Fourteen  
Mundos Subterrâneos    
O Mundo Interior   




Netherlands Antilles

Chile Peppers in Legend and Lore

Angel Falls and the Golden RiverLegends and Myhts of the Bahamas 

History and Legends of Chili Bahamian Legends 
Incan Gods History of Piracy 
Polynesian Mythology on the Easter Island   




Puerto Rico

History and Legend of Emerald  The Gods of the Caribbean
South American Mythology  Caribbean Folklore



Cayman Islands

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Quito City Legends Wreck of the Ten Sails 
Legends of Quito    

Falkland Inseln (Islas Malvinas)



Saint Lucia

  Cuban Mythology 
  Taino Legends 
  The Gods of the Caribbean 
French Guiana



Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Origin of the Coffee Plant The Myth of Carib Cannibalism 
Guyana and Suriname

Dominican Republic

Trinidad and Tobago

The legends of KaieteurThe Gods of the CaribbeanFolklore
Legends and Myths of the Aboriginal Indians of British Guyana Trini Legends and Folklore
Legends of the Amerindians of Guyana Koosk and Spooks
Guayana Folklore  



Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

 Parrot Cay
  Legends of the Caicos Cays


Guadeloupe (France)

Virgin Islands (UK)



Virgin Islands (US)

 The Gods of the CaribbeanBlackbeard the Pirate





The Gods of the Caribbean 










The mother's mourning 

Histories and legends  
  La grotte des Portugais 




Sierra Leone

Three African Trickster Myths

Legends of AfricaThe Swallowing Monster
Egyptian Gods

Cats in Ancient Egypt
 Ägyptische Mythologie  


Equatorial Guinea



The Gods of Africa Sundiata Keita- The Lion King 
Festival Sundiata




South Africa

San LegendsEritrean Arts and Literature Myths and Legends of the Bantu
   The Origin of Death
   South African Folk Tales

Burkina Faso





The Woodcutter of Gura Hausa Folklore

The Jackal's Lawsuit  

The Game Board


The Marriage of the Mouse  

The Lion and the Hare Go Hunting  
 The Queen of Sheba (German and English)  





Ntare Rushatsi Jews in Moroccan history Myths and Legends of Swaziland





Maerchen aus Kamerun 

The Word - The origin of the Earth

Cap Verde





Kweku Ananse outsmarts himself

(by Rev. Peter E. Adotey Addo)

San legend of the formation of the Etosha Pan 

Anansi the Spider (incl. a Webquest)The White Lady of the Brandberg 

Central African Republic




The Bachelors and the Python

Guinea PigsLegends of the TortoiseChott el Jerid (Lake Triton)

The Rabbit Steals the Elephant's Dinner   

The Rabbit Grows a Crop of Money   

The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle   





Solange es Krokodile gibt African Flood MythsThe Chwezi and their legends
  Myths of Ifé 
  Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria 
  Yoruba Legends 




Western Sahara

 The man eaters of Tsavo  

Congo (Brazzaville) and Congo (DRC, Zaire)




Folklore of the Fjort Tutsi, Hutu and Hima 
Legends of lost apes


São Tome & Príncipe


Myths and legends of the BantuMrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile  

Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)




Saint George and the DragonLegenden um Amadou Bamba








Die Legende vom Schwert ohne Spitze

Indonesian Myths and LegendsThe Hmong khaene

Myths and Legends from Singapore

Das Kloster GeghardThe Golden SnailHmong legends 

König Tiridates

Legends and History of Malacca

Armenian Legends and PoemsLegends of Borneo  
Armenian LegendsMalacca Myths and Legends  

Myths and Legends from Armenia



Sri Lanka


Sasha, Mansor and the StorksThe two sagas of GilgameshSri Lankan Myths, Miracles and Mysteries
 The Heroic Age of PersiaGilgameshAncient Legends and Chronicles
 Persian Mythology and Legend    





Legends of Azerbaijan

The good neighbours

Malaysian Myth and LegendAssassin Legends

Legend of Newroz / Nov-Ruz


Die Assassinen

The Tower of Babel  

Afghan People and their history

Enuma Elish  
 Mesopotamian Gods  





Sumerian Myth

LilithBlack cat myths

A Tigress Witch
 Gods of the Middle East  
 Creation and Flood Legends  





Culture of Bangladesh

Folk Tales from Japan

Mongol Mythology

The Kaha Bird

Tales from Japan  

Myths and Legends of Ancient Asia  

Sakten Valley

 The Two Frogs  
BruneiUrashima the Fisherman   

Legendary history of BruneiJapanese Gods  
 Die Geschichte vom Bambusschneider (Taketori Monogatari)  
 Japanische Mythologie  

Burma (Myanmar)




South East Asian GodsPetra - Myth and RealityYeti, the abominable snowman

Elephant legend

The Ramakien

The Singing Ape of Thailand

The Tiger King





The legend of the founding of Phnom Penh

Maerchen aus Kasachstan 

Maerchen aus Turkmenistan

China (incl. Hong Kong and Tibet)

North & South Korea


United Arab Emirates

Folk Tales from ChinaFolk Tales from Korea

Folk Tales from Pakistan 

Tales from China

The Tiger's Whisker  

Folk Tales from Tibet

Kyonu the Herder and Chiknyo the Weaver  

The Old Man of the Steppes Finds a Horse

Koguryo's First King - Gojoomong  

Old Man Yu Moves the Mountains

Shilla's First King - Pak Hyokkose

Pan Gu makes the World


Chinese Gods   
Chinese Myths   
Tibetan Gods   
 Dazu'er Grotten   

East Timor




Legends from Timor 

Folk Tales from the Philippines

Maerchen aus Usbekistan

Philippine FolkloreDie Legende von Bibi Khanum





Narta Saga  

Vietnamese Myths
    Vietnam: Myths and Legends



Saudi Arabia


Folk Tales from India

The Shepherd, the Tiger, and the Fox

The Three Brothers and the FairyCain and Abel, the founders of Aden

Tales from India 

The Princess and the MouseYemenite Jews

Folklore of Bengal 

Yunus and the Well of Sweetness 
Indian Gods The price of Pride 
Animals Myths and Legends 

Tales from the Arabian Nights 
Indian Elephant legend The Legends of the Hibashi Caves 




Legends of the Didjeridoo/Yidaki


Federated States of Micronesia

American Samoa (US)

Legends of the Gagudju

Legends of the Fiji IslandsMysterious Micronesia

The origin of Samoa

Australian Aboriginal mytholgyMelanesian MythologyMore Mysterious MicronesiaPolynesian Mythology

The First Men and WomenThe legend of the TagimauciaMicronesia Mythology 

The Legs of the KangarooDakuwaqa the Shark God  

Australian Legendary Tales

New Caledonia (France)

Guam (US)

Cook Islands

The Gods of Aboriginal AustraliaKanak Legends

Ancient legends of GuamCook Islands Legends
Min Min Lights Mystery 

Legends of GuamSome more Cook Islands Legends
Kingfisher Inititation Myth 

The Coconut LegendAitutaki and Cook Islands Culture
Akurra legends 

The Legend of Sirena the Mermaid  
Aboriginal Mythology   
Shades of Death Cave legend   
Animals Myths and Legends   
Aboriginal Mythology
Ashmore and Cartier IslandsPapua New GuineaKiribatiFrench Polynesia (France)
 The Biami Legends of creationKiribati Myths

Tafa'i (Tahiti)
 Melanesian Myhtology in Papua New GuineaMyths and Legends of Kiribati

Mo'ikeha and Kila (Tahiti)
  Kiribati Mythology 
Christmas IslandSolomon IslandsMarshall IslandsNiue
 Solomon Islands MythologyMarshall Islands Mythology 
Cocos IslandsVanuatuNauru (Pleasant Island)New Zealand
 Melanesian Mythology in Vanuatu 

Maori legends and stories
  Maori Mythology
Heard Island and McDonald IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands (US)Pitcairn (UK)
 The Mystery of Pitcairn
Macquarie Island PalauSamoa
The Sad Saga of Macquarie Island

Legends of Palau

Legends of Samoa

The Palau Storyboard

Tattoo Legend
 Samoan Myths and Legends
Norfolk IslandWakeTokelau (New Zealand)
Tokelau Islands
The Gods of Oceanic Mythology
Origins of Tonga
Tuvalu Myths and Legends
Wallis and Futuna Islands (France)


© Susanne Pratscher


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