Fairy Tales


The Fairy Tales project is based on ideas of Noemi Lusi (Italy) and Nora Nadjarjan (Cyprus).


Age group: 6 to 18


Students divided into groups can invent fairy tales suitable to express their feelings regarding: how values should be preserved and given space to in actual everyday life.

Students can then perform their tales for the whole school and can thus let others participate in their previous work.

Additional Activity:

Photo report and article on the event to be published in the school journal.

© Noemi Lusi, e-mail: noemilusi@infinito.it

Noemi's fairy tale idea made me think of the possibility of an "exchange" of existing fairy tales, between European countries. The average Cypriot child has heard of Hans Christian Andersen (German), but how many of us have heard fairy/folk tales from, e.g. Bulgaria or Poland? Or how many of you have, for that matter, heard a Cypriot folk tale?


So my suggestion is, esp. for teachers of younger children: an "exchange" could take place in the form of performances of little sketches, say two or three short excerpts from a fairy tale which is perhaps the "best known" in its country of origin. If you want to search for some fairy tales, the World of Tales is a very good resource.


So, a Czech fairy tale or part of it is performed by schoolkids in, say, France etc. The exchange could start in the form of e-mails between pupils or teachers from different schools. When the teacher reads/chooses the story/country he/she could easily turn it into a sketch, or it could be a class activity with pupils involved. 


The final result is then performed at the participating schools.


© Nora Nadjarian, e-mail: noranadj@logosnet.cy.net



The Fairies World is a good resource for many aspects related to fairy tales. Now let's travel around Europe and try to find at least one fairy tale per country. Click on the name of the country to open the relevant link. I have found some already, if you find some more, please send me an e-mail.

Austria (German)

Belgium (German)

Bulgaria (English)

Croatia (English)

Czech Republic (German)

Czech Republic (English)


Denmark (H.C. Andersen Fairy Tales and

Danish Fairy Tales)

Estonia (3 German fairy tales)

Estonia (5 German fairy tales)

Estonia (English)

Finland (English)

Finnland (German)

France (German)

Germany (German)

Germany (English)

Märchen der Brüder Grimm

Greece (German)

Hungary (German)

Hungary (English)

Iceland (15 folktales)

Iceland (fairy tales)

Ireland (English)
Ireland (German)

Italy (21 German fairy tales)

Italy (4 German fairy tales) 


Lithuania (German)

Lithuania (English) 



Netherlands (German)

Poland (German)Portugal (German)
Montenegro (German)

Romania (52 German fairy tales)

Romania (5 German fairy tales)

Romania (English) 

Serbia (English)

Serbia (German)

Slovenia (English)
Slovenia (German)

Spain (German)

Spain (English)

Sweden (2 English fairy tales)

Sweden (5 English folk tales)

Turkey (40 tales)

Turkey (Nasreddin Hodja)

United Kingdom (German)

United Kingdom (English)


Children who more enjoy playing a game related to a story than reading the story itself, might like the following animated fairy tale website.


What I found really fascinating, are the SurLaLune Faire Tale Pages of Heidi Anne Heiner, because these sites take us on a long trip through the realm of fairy tales, and also compares fairy tales from various cultures.


You should also not miss the websites Sagen.at, Maerchenlexikon, Märchen aus europäischen Ländern, and The Ultimate Repository of Fairy Tale Resources.


The Storybook Castle is a wonderful resource for fairy tales in English. It also contains games, translations, a book store and a movie store.


Colleagues from Russia and Ghana are working on Folk Tales and Values in the course of an iEARN project. If you are further interested in legends and folk tales from all over the world, click here!


Wikipedia offers a long list of fairy tales, and the Märchenbasar is a real treasure.



If you have still got some more time and energy left, you can now try to make a Fairy Tale quiz.


© Susanne Pratscher


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